Frequently Asked Questions

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What is netruex ?

NETRUEX is a trading platform where users can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. NETRUEX is a spot exchange, which means that we help “connect” users who wish to sell cryptocurrencies with users who want to purchase them, and vice versa.

How do I create an account?

First, navigate to the official page of the exchange: or .To create an account, click the corresponding button on the main page, or use the “Sign Up” button located in the upper right corner. In the window that opens, enter your email address , a cell phone number and password. Always try to set a strong and reliable password, and make sure never to share it with anyone. Next, you will need to agree with NETRUEX’s User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. Once you agree, you must pass the classic CAPTCHA check to prove that you are not a robot. A point to note is that it is a good idea to agree to receive updates and newsletters from NETRUEX. This is optional, but we assure you that you will not be spammed. Only occasional important updates and useful up-to-date information about NETRUEX and the world of crypto trading will be sent directly to your inbox. After registration, you will receive an activation link by email and cell phone . Follow the link and you’re done! Welcome to NETRUEX!

How do I start trading on NETRUEX ?

To get started, you need to create an account and go through a simple verification check. Then you can deposit funds to your account using one of the methods specified in the Wallet section. After depositing funds in the wallet, users are able to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies using simple or advanced trading options. The NETRUEX cryptocurrency platform automatically finds the best deals for the user and displays all transactions on the main page and on the account profile.

How to deposit funds?

All available methods to deposit funds can be found in the Wallet section. You need to select the fiat or cryptocurrency you wish to use and click the “Deposit” button. Details of fees and a list of all available methods for depositing funds for a particular currency are specified on the page.
Please note: Different deposit methods require appropriate verification stages to be successfully passed.

How to withdraw funds?

All available methods to withdraw funds can also be found in the Wallet section. You need to select the fiat or cryptocurrency you wish to use and click the “Withdraw” button. Details of fees and a list of all available methods for withdrawing funds for a particular currency are specified on the page.
Please note: Different deposit methods require appropriate verification stages to be successfully passed.

How to reset the password?

To recover and reset your password, click on the corresponding button (Forget Pass)on the login window.
In the window that opens, you must enter the email address you used when registering your account. You will then receive an email with a new password.
Please note: For security reasons, funds in your account will be temporarily blocked for 24 hours after you change your password.

How to delete your Netruex account?

We are sad when users leave us, but if you have decided to delete your account, first make sure to withdraw all funds from your exchange account. Then, send a request to netruex Support via email on
Please note: A request to delete an account must be sent from the email address used when registering your account.
The request must include the following information:
Username (login name displayed in the upper right corner of your personal account on netruex).
The email address that your netruex account is registered with.
Reason for deleting your account.
Please note: Once deleted, your account cannot be restored

What is account verification?

Account verification is the process of confirming the identity of a user on NETRUEX. The user has to go through the process of verification immediately after registration..

Why do we need to verify users?

NETRUEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that is registered in the Iran , According to the Law , all users who make transactions with Rials must undergo mandatory identity verification.

What do I need to verify successfully?

Every verification stage requires a set of documents to successfully pass verification. All stages follow the same verification process:
Only documents with information in English, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, Latin or Cyrillic characters are accepted.
All scanned copies or photographs of documents must comply with the following instructions:
Only JPG, PNG and PDF formats are accepted.
Only colour copies are accepted.
Documents must not be edited using any editing software.
The size of a file should be between 200KB and 8MB. All document details should be clearly visible.

How much time will verification take?

It usually takes up to 2 hours to process your documents before we confirm successful verification. However, please be aware that the verification process may take up to 24 hours in some instances, in order to comply with rules.

What is identity verification and why do we need it?

According to the iranian Anti-Money Laundering Law, all users who make transactions with Rials must undergo mandatory identity verification. This stage of verification allows you to trade, deposit and withdraw Rials from your account and carry-out bank transactions .

What documents do you need to pass identity verification?

To successfully pass identity verification, you will need to provide a photo of one of the following documents:
1-Passport (the first two pages)
2-National ID card (both sides)
3-Driving license (both sides)
The passport, ID card or driving license provided for verification must contain the following information:
1-The country that the document was issued in
2-The serial or document number of the identification document
3-Issue date of the document
4-Last/first name
5-Date of birth

How to pass identity verification?

To verify your identity, select the “Account Verification” section, using the drop-down menu, located in the upper right corner of the website.
To verify the identity, you need to send document that show the details of your name, id number nationality and date of birth.

Where are my documents stored?

Security is NETRUEX’s top priority. All your documents are stored on encrypted servers of the company. Only a certified AML officer has access to these documents. We place special security watermarks on digital copies of documents to protect them from being reused.

Residents of which countries cannot be verified on NETRUEX ?

Vietnam, Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, Crimea (Ukraine), Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Iceland, Mongolia, Ghana, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Trinidad Yemen, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nepal, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) / Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Republic of Abkhazia, Republic of Somaliland, Republic of South Ossetia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Republic of China (Taiwan), Republic of Kosovo, Sahara Arab Democratic Republic, Republic of Artsakh, Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan

In what language are documents accepted?

Only documents with information in English, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, Latin or Cyrillic characters are accepted. Documents in other languages are accepted only with a notarized translation.

What is address verification and why do we need it?

Address verification is required to confirm your place of residence. It’s optional and required to make use of certain bank transfer services (SEPA/Wire Transfer) and be able to use payment systems requiring verification.

What documents does Netruex accept for address verification?

Bank Statement.
Utility bill.
Tax documents.
A document confirming your address issued by local authorities
Court documents
Note:The document confirming your address must be not older than 3 months and should clearly display your full name and home address.

How to successfully pass address verification?

To verify your address, select the “Account Verification” section, using the drop-down menu, located in the upper right corner of the website.
To verify the address, you need to send document that show the details of your city name, ZIP code, home address, issuing country and date of issue.

Is it necessary to wet stamp documents?

A wet seal is only required for bank statements. However, we also accept electronic bank statements.

Why can’t I use my residence permit (household registration) for verification?

To verify an address, you must submit one of the documents listed above. The document must clearly confirm your address and be not older than 3 months. A residence permit is not on the list.

What is bank card verification and why do we need it?

Bank card verification is required to confirm ownership and possession of a payment card by a user. Bank card verification permits users to deposit funds from bank cards. In order to withdraw funds to a bank card, you only need to successfully pass identity verification.

What documents does Netruex accept for bank card verification?

To successfully pass bank card verification you must provide the personal data embossed on a card issued in your name and submit it by uploading a photograph of the card.


We only accept embossed cards issued in your name.
The cardholder’s name must be the same as the user’s name.
The name of the cardholder and the first 6 and last 4 digits should be clearly visible in the photo.

How to successfully pass bank card verification?

To verify your bank card, select the “Wallet” section, then "Add Account".To verify the card, you need to fill in details of the bank name , 16 digits number of the card. You also need to provide the card holder’s name and surname as printed on the card.

How many bank cards can be verified?

You can verify up to 5 bank cards.

What if my bank does not issue embossed bank cards?

All banks issue embossed cards, however, on occasions, an additional request must be made to the bank to issue it.

What is bank account verification and why do we need it?

Bank account verification is required to confirm that you are the owner of the bank account. We are required to comply with the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), and that’s why we must prevent money withdrawals to/from third parties.
After verifying the bank account, the user can transfer funds to and from a bank account, as well as have access to NETRUEX’s bank details in order to make bank transfers. Bank account verification is optional and available after successfully passing identity and address verification.
You will need to verify your bank account for each currency you wish to use (currently available for IRR, USD, EUR,RUB).

How to successfully pass bank account verification?

To verify your bank account, please contact us via email on the email, please state clearly that you wish to undergo bank account verification. Via correspondence, NETRUEX will send you documents that should be completed and returned to successfully pass the verification.

What is a Market Order?

A Market Order is an order to immediately buy or sell an asset at the current market price. Its advantage is the immediate execution of the transaction; however, it does not guarantee the specific price you will buy/sell the asset.
How it works: For example, you want to buy Bitcoin for $10,000. Instantly. Here and now. Assume that the current BTC market sell rate is $10,000 for 1BTC. Ideally, the exchange transaction will get you 1BTC. But! The sale takes place at the best available price in the current market. There may not be any offers for one bitcoin at this price in the order book from other exchange participants. Your order will automatically buy bitcoin from more expensive orders, with the price progressively growing until BTC has been purchased for the whole amount you specified.
Therefore, you will instantly get Bitcoin, but the final buy price will be different from the market price that was current when you clicked the ‘Buy’ button. In our example, you may get 0.95BTC instead of 1BTC, while the average buy rate is $10,526 for 1BTC.

What is a Limit Order?

Unlike a Market Order, a Limit Order simply helps you enter your own buy/sell order at a fixed price. However, your order will not be executed instantly, but only when the market reaches the price you set. Also, the amount of funds specified in the order is debited from your available balance and reserved in the order.

What is a Stop Order?

A Stop Order does not create an order immediately. In fact, a Stop Order is your instruction to the exchange (a market order) that says something like: If the price of my asset falls below XX, sell the specified amount of my asset by executing a Market Order (a request to sell at the best available price in the current market).
If the price changes and reaches XX, your STOP Order will create a Market Order that will sell your asset in accordance with the market order rules.
Here is a formal definition:

What are Taker and Maker Orders?

Orders placed by users are divided into Taker and Maker transactions.
A Taker order is a placed order executed instantly by a response order in the order book. Thus, Taker transaction spends liquidity by taking an order from the list. If you place a market order or use the Quick Exchange option, such transaction is always considered a Taker order.
A Maker order is a placed order that is not bought out immediately but remains in the list of orders to be executed in the future instead. Limit and stop orders can be either a Taker or a Maker transaction depending on whether this order is part of the order book (if it took part in its formation, then it is considered a Maker order) or it has executed an order that was already in the order book” (then it is considered a Taker order).
Maker transactions provide liquidity, while Taker transactions lower liquidity.

Does Netruex Have a Demo Mode?

NETRUEX does not currently have a demo mode. We recommend that you begin by trading in small amounts to minimize potential losses while learning how to trade on our exchange.

Why do I need to provide the source of funds?

NETRUEX is a Iranian based exchange and has to fully comply with IRAN regulations such as the Proceeds of Crime Act recommendations.
Due diligence measures must be applied on a risk-based approach, and require enhanced due diligence in certain circumstances.
Due to KYC/AML standards and the requirements of financial regulators, as well as payment providers (for compliance with the same standards), in some cases, users may be required to confirm the source of funds for transactions. This is an additional measure to control the circulation of funds and guarantee financial security for all participants.

What documents are accepted as confirmation of the source of funds?

Source of funds request implies how you obtained these funds for completing a transaction/operation.
Documents confirming the source of funds are those illustrating the movement of these funds. In particular, how you received the funds by which a specific operation on NETRUEX was carried out.

Why do users have to provide selfie video upon request?

In some cases, we may ask you to provide a selfie video. This is done on a risk-based approach with users having to give enhanced information. It may include providing extra documentation, screenshots of transactions and a video of yourself with documentation.

Why do I need two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a ‘must-have’ security measure for securing all financial services in the 21st-century. Besides the standard password, 2FA involves entering a one-time code each time you log into your account or attempt to withdraw funds.
Therefore, if by chance, malicious attackers have access to your username and password, it will not be possible for them to access your account and use your funds without a one-time code.
Core advantages of two-factor authentication are as follows:
You do not need additional facilities for work because authentication is performed via a mobile device, which is usually within reach.
The confirmation code is always new and more secure than a single password.

How do I enable two-factor authentication?

You can enable two-factor authentication in your NETRUEX profile settings in the “Profile” section. Step-by-step instructions are available in the page.

What does it mean to use two-factor authentication "Only at login?"

Selecting this option means that while logging into your account along with the standard username and password, you will use a unique one-time code. It is also used to change the profile settings. Two-factor authentication can be used through the Google Authentication App, installed on your mobile phone.

What does it mean to use two-factor authentication "Full protection" - "Do not use when withdrawing to “My Account”?

If you select the box “Do not use when withdrawing to “My Account” that means you have selected “Full protection”. A confirmation will no longer be required when withdrawing funds, as the details are already stored in “My Account”. Please note that if you have previously made a withdrawal on your account, but the details were not saved to “My Account” or you carried out a new transaction, you will need to confirm the withdrawal and select the authentication type used before.

What does using "Full Protection" two-factor authentication mean?

Selecting this option means that when changing profile settings, withdrawing funds or authorising, unique one-time codes will be used, in addition to the standard login and password. They can be received by generated via the Google Authentication application installed on a mobile device.

How do I turn off two-factor authentication?

In order to disable two-factor authentication on your NETRUEX account, go to the “Profile seting” section of the Profile page. Then click “Deactivate” on “ the “Google Authenticator” tab depending on your 2FA means.

What is Google Authenticator and how does it work?

Google Authenticator is an app for generating one-time authentication (TOTP) codes. The application is supported by Android phones, iPhone and BlackBerry, and can also work without an Internet connection.
The user needs to install the application on the selected device to generate random codes. These codes must be entered in the appropriate field when changing profile settings, withdrawing funds or logging into an account. In addition to the mobile app, browser plugins are available (for example, an extension for Google Chrome).

What are the official website addresses of Netruex?

There are only Two official website addresses of the NETRUEX platform: and One mirrors – . Be sure to check the site domain in the address bar!
NETRUEX has official accounts on the following social network platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp and LinkedIn.

Where are Netruex’s headquarters located?

NETRUEX is registered in the IRAN and its headquarters are located at Arvand free zone area, Abadan, IRAN.

Where are my Netruex funds kept?

Users’ cryptocurrency funds are stored on the exchange’s crypto wallets: cold and hot vaults. Hot vaults are online wallets used to meet current user demand for withdrawals. The remaining assets are stored in cold vaults – hardware wallets with the highest level of security. Often, such wallets do not have access to the network and are connected only when it is necessary to transfer funds to/from hot vaults.
As for fiat funds, these are stored in NETRUEX bank accounts and payment system accounts. When you deposit funds on the exchange, your assets will be displayed in the Wallet section. NETRUEX ensures that each user can withdraw funds in the desired amount, regardless of where they are physically stored.

Can you guarantee that my personal data is safe?

Security is NETRUEX’s top priority, therefore, we take all possible precautions and have implemented measures to protect data storage. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. Only a sender, support service staff and a certified AML officer have access to personal data after data has been transferred to the verification department for processing.
NETRUEX ( Mehr Behkam Arvand LTD ). is registered as a Controller of Personal Data with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number 7500 .

How to secure your exchange account from being hacked?

You can protect your account from being hacked by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your NETRUEX account.
Also, the following preventive measures will help you ensure your account is secure:
Use a complex and unique password.
Each time you log into your account, check the address bar in your browser. NETRUEX only uses, domains.
Change your password regularly and never save it in your browser.
Under no circumstances provide your login details to anyone.
Double-check the reliability of the sender when receiving emails from NETRUEX. Our Customer Support team will only contact you using the email address:, while other updates and news related emails are sent from
Do not provide your personal data in relation to requests via Telegram and other messenger services. NETRUEX administrators do not operate through these platforms. Access to your funds, requests of email passwords or any other details are never requested.

What should I do if my account has been hacked?

In case your account or email has been hacked, please contact NETRUEX Support Service immediately. The sooner a request is created, the more likely it is that you will be able to recover your funds.
Please include the following information in your request:
The reason for the request.
Your username ( ID number ) on the NETRUEX exchange platform.
The email address that your account is registered with.
The mobile number that your account is registered with.
Make sure that you specify the email subject as being related to your account being hacked.
A Customer Support representative will set restrictions on the withdrawal of funds from the account to ensure the safety of the user’s assets.

What are “Trusted IPs” and how to set them up?

A Trusted IP address means that an account will be used from only a specified IP address or a list of addresses.
Before withdrawing funds (from an old IP address) add the new IP address to the trusted list. Also, make sure your ISP provides a static, and not a dynamic, IP address.
To set up trusted IPs:
Step 1. Go to “Profile Setting ” in your personal account profile.
Step 2. Select the “IP Address” tab where you can specify a trusted IP or a list of trusted IP addresses. It will only be possible to use the account from the specified IP address or list of addresses.
Step 3. Specify the desired IP address in the “Add new address” field and click “Save”.
Step 4. After adding the required IP address or addresses, save the settings.
Step 5. Activate the “Enable authorization for trusted IP addresses only” field.

How do I secure my email account?

To protect your email account from intruders, please note that:
NETRUEX does not send emails with donation appeals or fund transfer requests.
NETRUEX never asks to send your personal data to participate in contests.
All emails from NETRUEX are sent from the official domain — and

Why are the deposit/withdrawal methods disabled?

Deposits/withdrawals using specific payment providers can be shut down for the following reasons:
Technical or maintenance work being undertaken on the payment provider’s side.
Due to gateways operating in automatic mode based on actual traffic and have been shut down to free up the network.
If a specific payment method is not showing in the Wallet section, this means that it is currently not possible to deposit/withdraw funds by this method and you must wait for it to be automatically reactivated or use another available withdrawal method.

Why am I unable to withdraw my money?

There are several reasons why this might happen:
Withdrawals are not possible within 72 hours after changing your user account details.
Withdrawals are not possible within 72 hours of topping up your account from a previously unused Yandex money wallet.
Withdrawals are not possible within 24-48 hours after topping up your account from a previously unused Qiwi wallet.;
Insufficient funds for withdrawal.
Insufficient number of network confirmations of the cryptocurrency deposit.
You have exceeded your daily withdrawal limit.
Your withdrawal has been blocked by the exchange administration.
You have not carried out a single transaction on the exchange.

What is displayed in Transaction History in the Wallet section?

The date and time of transaction.
Type of transactions (deposit/withdrawal).
Currency/cryptocurrency for a transaction.
Transaction amount.
Status of transactions (Paid/Checking/Not confirmed).
The payment system used to carry-out a transaction (in the case of cryptocurrency the type of cryptocurrency is displayed).
Additional information on completed transactions.

What is the commission on cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals?

NETRUEX charges no commission on depositing/withdrawing cryptocurrencies.
However, the systems themselves charge the following commissions for withdrawals (per transaction):
Check current comissions in the Wallet section.

What is the minimum cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal?

The minimum cryptocurrency deposit allowed is:

The minimum cryptocurrency withdrawal allowed is:

BTC – 0.01
LTC – 0.5
DOGE – 300
DASH – 0.1
ETH – 0.1
Check current limits in your Wallet.

How quickly will my cryptocurrency deposit be added to my balance?

Enrollment of funds will occur after:
1st confirmation in the XPR / ХLM / PTI / ZAG transaction network.
4th confirmation in the LTC / DOGE / VLX transaction network.
5th confirmation of the NEO / GAS transaction network.
6th confirmation in the BTC / DASH / ETH / USDT / KICK / BCH transaction network.
10th confirmation in the SMART / QTUM / XMR transaction network.
12th confirmation in the ATMcash / DCR network.
15th confirmation in the ADA / LSK / XEM network.
20th confirmation in the WAVES / BTG / TRX / BTT network.
30th confirmation in the EOS / DXT / MNX / OMG / INK / ZRX / GNT / GUSD / HB / DAI / MKR / MNC / USDC / ROOBEE / USDTERC20 network.
60th confirmation in the ETZ network.
100 confirmation in the BTCZ network.
400 confirmation in the ETC network.

What is displayed in the Wallet?

The wallet displays:

A list of available currencies and payment systems.
Current commissions and limits for cryptocurrency/currency withdrawals.
Your current balance in each currency and your aggregate balance in USD/BTC.
Detailed information on completed payments in Transaction History.